Unveiling the Prestigious Two-Tier Affiliate Program for Exclusive NFT Vacation Memberships in the Dominican Republic

Are you a real estate agent, travel influencer, or celebrity with a penchant for luxurious travel experiences? We are proud to present our elite two-tier affiliate program, designed exclusively for promoting our innovative NFT membership to a five-star property in the Dominican Republic. Join forces with renowned brand ambassadors like NBA All-Star Theo Ratliff, NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter, and TikTok Influencer Karen Guzman as we redefine luxury vacations through the power of NFTs.

 Our unparalleled two-tier compensation structure rewards you handsomely for both direct referrals and the expanding of our network of referral agents. Earn an impressive 10% commission on each direct referral, and an additional 5% from the sales produced by referral agents you introduce to our program.


Key Features of Our Elite Two-Tier Affiliate Program:

1. Exclusive NFT Membership: Our Vacation club offers an unrivaled experience with a cutting-edge NFT membership, combining the luxury of five-star Dominican Republic Luxury Villas with the innovation of blockchain technology.

 2. Two-Tier Compensation: Benefit from a 10% commission on every successful direct referral and an extra 5% referral fee for sales generated by referral agents you bring onboard. Maximize your income by building a robust referral network.

 3. Perfect for Real Estate Agents, Influencers, and Celebrities: Our program is designed for those with a strong network and influence within the luxury travel and real estate sectors, as well as celebrities who enjoy indulging in opulent travel experiences.

 4. Star-Studded Brand Ambassadors: Collaborate with our esteemed brand ambassadors, including NBA All-Star Theo Ratliff, NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter, and TikTok Influencer Karen Guzman, who embody the essence of our luxury NFT timeshare offering.

 5. Comprehensive Support: Our dedicated affiliate support team is committed to providing you with the resources, tools, and guidance required for success as a referral agent.

 6. Premium Marketing Materials and Resources: Access a vast array of promotional materials, including high-resolution images, video content, and email templates, to help you effectively showcase our NFT timeshare property and attract leads.

 7. Prompt Payouts: Receive your hard-earned commissions in a timely manner, ensuring a smooth and rewarding experience as a referral agent.

 8. Elite Network: Become part of an exclusive community of like-minded professionals, influencers, and celebrities, capitalize on collective wisdom, and share insights of our affiliate network.

 9. Reward for top Affiliates: The top 5 referral agents will be invited to spend 4 days in Saudi Arabia in a $150M dollar Yacht call Serenity with all expenses cover where they are going to network with some of the ambassadors of the paradise NFT Club.  Also, the first 10 affiliates to sell 3 Memberships will received a free Paradise NFT Gold Membership.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your income and partner with a distinguished brand in the luxury travel and NFT space.

Register for our prestigious two-tier affiliate program today and embark on a groundbreaking journey alongside our esteemed brand ambassadors.