Welcome to Paradise...

The Paradise NFT Club is located inside a modern eco-friendly city that will be called Ciudad Terrena in Samana, Dominican
Republic. The new city has 2,500,000 square meters with 16 miles of private white sand beach, two springs, and a river. The property is only 15 minutes away from the El Catey International Airport (AZS) and 20 minutes away from one of the best Golf Clubs in the Caribbean, Playa Grande Golf & Ocean Club.

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3D Rendering of the Villas at Paradise NFT Club

Location & Amenities

The Paradise NFT Club will have some of the most exclusive luxury vacation villas globally, with 5-star amenities, a prime location, and a natural allure to take your breath away every time you visit the property.

  • Each Villa comes with one chef and one maid (members buy groceries)
  • Club house in front of Playa Jackson
  • Private Beach Access
  • Access to Private river
  • Access to Playa Grande Golf & Ocean Club *fees apply
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping Centre
  • Heliport

Membership details

This membership has been created by a group of people that love traveling with style, having fun, and spending time with their families.

Each tier has a different season for members to pick their vacations; higher tiers can select their vacation in the lower tiers without penalty based on availability at the time of making their reservation. For example, a Diamond or platinum member can make a reservation at any available time in the calendar as long as the dates are available.

Emerald and Gold members will be able to reserve on their schedule tier seasons based on availability.

The membership does not expire, and your weeks can be used as shown in the following table; After members use all of their weeks, they will have the option to renew their membership for a fee or obtain a 15% discount on all future stays at the Paradise NFT Club.

Membership Tier


Weeks per year

Total weeks

Renewal price

Season or Months to use

Villa style

Memberships available




5 weeks


From Nov 14 to Apr 30

“No Block-outs”

Premium Villa 4/3 with Pool





3 weeks


From Nov 14 to Apr 30

Premium Villa 4/3 with Pool



$ 7,500


3 weeks


From May 22 to Aug 20

Premium Villa 4/3 with Pool



$ 3,800


3 weeks

$ 5,500

From 1 May to 22 May & 21 Aug to 13 Nov

Premium Villa 4/3 with Pool


Price $25,000
Weeks per year 1
Total weeks 5 weeks
Renewal price $35,000
Season or Months to use From Nov 14 to Apr 30
“No Block-outs”
Villa style Premium Villa 4/3 with Pool
Memberships available 100
Weeks per year1
Total weeks3 weeks
Renewal price$18,000
Season or Months to useFrom Nov 14 to Apr 30
Villa stylePremium Villa 4/3 with Pool
Memberships available3,500
Price $7,500
Weeks per year 1
Total weeks 3 weeks
Renewal price $11,500
Season or Months to use From May 22 to Aug 20
Villa style Premium Villa 4/3 with Pool
Memberships available 1,950
Weeks per year1
Total weeks3 weeks
Renewal price$5,500
Season or Months to useFrom 1 May to 22 May & 21 Aug to 13 Nov
Villa stylePremium Villa 4/3 with Pool
Memberships available2,250


The Paradise NFT Membership Club will come with many perks aside from the benefits of using the property.

For example, invitations to private events and concerts in and outside the property, golf club tournaments, art collection exhibitions worldwide, and the opportunity to learn about all other properties or membership NFT projects we will have in the future.

In addition, each member will receive a physical card of their NFT membership 90 days after the purchase.

The Paradise NFT Club is one of the safest NFT Clubs in the market. We have partnered up with Upstream, the regulated exchange and trading app for digital securities and NFTs powered by Horizon Fintex (Horizon) and MERJ Exchange Limited. We chose Upstream because the exchange has proactively integrated client protection measures, including AML and KYC compliance checks to maintain a safe and fair community for the Paradise NFT Club members. This is on top of being carbon neutral, and not charging users gas fees on transactions. Please visit our frequently asked questions for more details. 

Diamond member



Platinum member



Emerald member



Gold member



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Road map

The 150 villas will take approximately 18 months to be built for the first reservations to be accepted by April 1, 2024.  

Memberships Available

November 17, 2021 - Completed

Acquisition of 2,500,000 square meters in the literal northeast of the Dominican Republic, in the Province of Samana.
Under the name Ciudad Terrena


Starting March 10, 2023



Sale of NFT memberships for 150 villas of the 3,200 Villas.

October 3, 2023

Start the construction of the 150 Villas for the NFT Memberships

March 30, 2024

The calendar will be open for reservations in October 2023.


Our Team

We are a team of high-performance professionals in different industries who came together to create the most iconic NFT vacation club globally.

Being a member of this NFT club is much more than just having access to a luxury property in Paradise for three weeks; being a member of this club is being a part of a group of like-minded professionals and successful people from all around the globe that all share a common destination that one day will change the world.

Theo Ratliff

Brand Ambassador
All-Star NBA Player

Cris Carter

Brand Ambassador
NFL Hall of Fame

Karen Baraguz

Social Media Influencer

Carolina Martinez

Accounting Manager

Edward Rodriguez

Edward Rodriguez


Hernan Gleizer

Sales Executive

Fernando Alpern

Sales Executive

Stan Kastleman

Relationship Manager

Jossua Paraini

Chief Marketing Officer

Jickson Disla

Director of Ciudad Terrena

Official Partners and Vendors of Paradise NFT Club

David Treus Lema

Esteban Merizalde

Nelson Espinoza Gruss

Rodolfo Rodriguez

Companies Involved

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  1. Purchase your NFT according to the tier you desire
  2. Fill out our Registration form to register as a member

An NFT is a non fungible token.  Typically it is a digital item that has real-world value attached to it.

  1. DOWNLOAD UPSTREAM and tap Sign Up.
  2. FUND YOUR ACCOUNT. For Credit, Debit, or PayPal Tap Investor>Fund my Account>Tap desired funding method. For bank payments, complete KYC and initiate a wire or transfer from your bank or financial institution using the details provided via email after your KYC is approved.
  3. PURCHASE NFT. Open Upstream>Tap Market>Tap NFT in top navigation bar>Tap desired NFT>Enter Bid Amount>Tap Buy Now
  4. HOLD OR TRADE NFT. Buyers will receive a push notification and find their NFT in their Upstream portfolio.

The construction for the 150 villas for the Paradise NFT Club starts on October 3, 2022.

Ciudad Terrena is going to have 3,200 luxury villas in total, from which 150 villas will be reserve for the Paradise NFT Club

You can bring up to 6 adults and 4 kids under the age of 14.

Yes, you can sell your membership. All benefits will transfer to the new membership owner.

Yes, a member can assign their weeks to friends and family.

Yes, but a discounted rate will apply for the extra time. This is based on availability.

Yes, members of the Paradise NFT Club have a 7% discount on land purchase to develop property in Ciudad Terrena.

El Catey International Airport (AZS) is only 15 minutes away from Ciudad Terrena.